NEW ORIGINAL SINGLE – “Go Back Home Again”

New Original Single – ‘Go Back Home Again’

Gerry’s new release ‘Go Back Home Again’ was written by master songwriter, bandleader and band manager Henry McMahon (The man with the Golden Pen). It will not disappoint dancers and radio listeners alike.  When it comes to picking or writing a song, the formula of a good dancing tempo and a good story is the secret. “Go Back Home Again” has both of these attributes.

“Go Back Home Again” was conceived by the above mentioned Henry McMahon while on a visit to the house where he was born and raised, on an evening during the initial lockdown of 2020. Standing there, surrounded by the memories of his happy childhood, Henry began piecing together the verses and choruses of his new composition. On hearing the the finished article, Gerry knew the song was for him, and was in the studio at the first opportunity he got to put it down.

After almost 18 months of Lockdown, Gerry is already back performing with his band, and looks forward to a very busy 2022. As usual, Gerry will be joining many of his colleagues on their hugely popular trips to the sun and looks forward to meeting the many friends he has made over the years on such trips.

The popular line-up for the ‘Gerry Guthrie & Friends’ Dancing Weekend at The Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny for 2022 is as follows: –

Friday 1st April – Stuart Moyles, Robert Mizzell & The Country Kings plus Gerry & Band

Saturday 2nd April – Trevor Moyles, Jim Devine & Band plus Gerry & Band.

(Dance classes with Patricia Brady will also be available on Saturday afternoon)

Sunday 3rd – Gerry & Band plus Sandy Kelly

The ‘Gerry Guthrie & Friends’ Dancing Weekend has proved hugely poular and the 2022 event was on sale a very short time when the hotel package sold out. However, people can still attend any of the three shows, tickets will be available at the door and details for booking are available on Gerry’s website.

Gerry and the band are extremely excited to be back on the road, and will be at all your favourite dancing and concert venues over the coming months.

“Go Back Home Again” is now available to request on all your favourite radio stations and to stream in all the usual online outlets NOW!