I’m delighted to share the details of our annual Gerry Guthrie & Friends Weekend.

In 2019, From April 5th – 7th  we will be taking our weekend West, to the stunning Four Star Diamond Coast Hotel. This hotel is in a perfect location for you to visit Mayo and Sligo, only a 10 minute drive from my hometown Ballina, Co. Mayo, and less than an hour  from Sligo, Westport, Knock and some of Mayo and Sligo’s famous landmarks. The quirky glamping village is only 200m away from the hotel and David McGowan’s Boeing 767 can been seen as you drive by. “The Big Yoke” has put Enniscrone on the map after sailing the plane on a barge up to Sligo!

I will be joined in Enniscrone by some of Ireland’s greatest entertainers including Robert Mizzell, Sandy Kelly, Shaun O’ Dowd, Olivia Douglas and the legendary John Glenn & The Mainliners.. As usual, we’ll have a few surprise guests aswell!

Have a look at our venue!

And here’s some info about Enniscrone

And don’t forget my hometown Ballina is just 10 minutes away!


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“Did She Mention My Name” available for download now!

Here’s are the links to download Gerry’s brand new single, “Did She Mention My Name”




Click on the link to order your copy of “The Old Guitar” today!


The new single release from Gerry Guthrie is entitled ‘’The Old Guitar’ it’s an original song written by Ireland’s foremost songwriter affectionately known as the man with the golden pen Henry McMahon.

The song tells the true story of when Gerry’s interest in music first started. It all began when Gerry was a young boy he found an old beat up guitar without strings that had lain in his grandmother’s front room for more than thirty years. He took a likening to the guitar so his grandmother allowed him keep it even though every time she saw it in her front room it brought a tear to her eye. Gerry took it with him everywhere he went. A little later on he sent a letter to Santa asking for a guitar of his own so he could learn to play and of course Santa obliged. Gerry was determined to master the guitar and as well as working hard on his own to achieve this he also took lessons from Joe Sweeney.

Gerry’s mother attributes his interest in music to the old guitar, Gerry never did meet the boy who left the guitar behind when he left home or never heard him play a tune.

When Gerry finished school he played guitar with a number of local groups around Ballina, and with bands on the national scene until he joined forces with his now manager Henry McMahon and formed his own band, Gerry is one of the top Country acts on the scene now playing the top venues on a weekly basis.


‘The Old Guitar’ was recorded and produced by Jonathan Owens and Gerry Guthrie, recorded at Spout Studio, Granard, Co. Longford

Tuam Herald Feature

Many Thanks to Tom Gilmore for this piece in the Tuam Herald recently, Hope you enjoy reading it….