Gerry Guthrie, Walking In The Sunshine CD


  1. When The World Has Turned You Down (2.57)
    Ernest Tubb – Publisher: Rightsong Music
  1. Little Country Boy (2.42)
    Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Dominoe – Publisher: EMI Unart Catalog INC
  1. Life Goes So Fast (2.51)
    Gerard Dornan – PRS Copyright Control
  1. The Old Guitar (3.06)
    Henry McMahon – Publisher: Happy Artist Music
  1. Did She Mention My Name (2.52)
    Gorgon Lightfoot – Publisher: WB Music Corp
  1. We Will Meet Again with Sandy Kelly (3.40)
    George Hamilton V – Publisher: House Of Tears Songs/No Surrender Music
  1. If I Had You To Have & To Hold (Poor Man’s Riches) (2.38)
    Benny Barnes, Dee Marais – Publisher: Glad Music/Pappy Daily Publishing
  1. Tequila Sheila (3.57)
    Mac Davis/Shel Silverstein – Publisher: Tro Essex Music Ltd
  1. Come Home To You (3.44)
    Steve Wariner/Roger Murrah – Publisher: BMI/Steve Wariner Music
  1. Fightin’ Side Of Me with Matt Leavy (3.32)
    Merle Haggard Publisher: Sony/ATV Tree
  1. Walking In The Sunshine (2.59)
    Roger Miller – Publisher: BMI
  1. When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind -2019 (3.54)
    Bill Anderson – Publisher: Bubba Music
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